Olivia Palermo's Got A New Show! Who Should Be Her Evil Cohort?

Word on the streets of Manhattan is that socialite-turned-journalist-turned-model Olivia Palermo might be getting her own series. According to her ex-employer, Elle.com, the magazine's former mischief-maker scored a major deal. "I'm currently working on a TV project, my own show," she told the site.

Well, anyone that's watched Miss Palerms knows she's no fun unless there's someone for her to squabble with, and since we imagine Erin Kaplan's not planning on making a cameo, we've come up with some other MTV villains that could stir the pot. Check 'em out, then let us know if we passed over a better candidate!

Johnny Bananas

Nothing about this pro Challenger screams Park Avenue (no offense, JB), which is exactly why we'd love to see him grace mortify Olivia with his presence. An ideal moment would involve a swanky rooftop party, flowing bottles of Dom Perignon and Johnny starting a food fight with the caviar.

Angelina Pivarnick

Scene: Olivia and her high society cronies are sitting around the dinner table at swanky restaurant, Per Se, discussing their favorite rap songs of the decade (hey, 'Liv, you still listening to Cobra Starship?). Then, off in the distance, the sweet sounds of Staten Island's Finest come through the speakers. What's this, an impromptu live performance by Angelina? End scene.

Cori Cooper

Remember the evil Blonde Brigader-In-Charge from "My Life As Liz"? She made our heroine's life a living hell, so we'd be really down to see what happened if she aimed that stank eye-roll in Olivia's direction.

Spencer Pratt

Maybe 'Liv's shopping for antique emeralds on the Upper East Side, or perhaps she's working on another investigate piece in NYC's underbelly, but either way, Spencer should be there...hocking counterfeit crystals.

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