That's What You Said ... About Amber From 'Teen Mom'

We love waking up in the morning, pouring ourselves a cup of freshly brewed java and checking out reader comments from the previous day's blog posts. It's always our goal to get you guys discussing pivotal moments in our shows, as well as the issues that arise during them, so today we're starting a new franchise to further the mission called That's What You Said. Every Friday, we'll thumb through your comments from the most talked about post of the week and highlight every side of the argument.

This week, one of the more controversial stories on Remote Control focused on Amber Portwood's recent criminal charges (if you missed it, read it here). This is what you guys had to say:

"I just feel better that society in general is recognizing the double-standards regarding violence. We must make an example of any form of violence to help prevent it. Who knows maybe a little jail time will do Amber some good in helping her realize the consequences of her behavior. Maybe she'll realize what is important in her life." -- Mr. Simple

"I think that Gary got everything he deserves. He does nothing to help Amber out. He always gets his mom to buy stuff for Leah." -- Jenny

"I think that Amber is being used to 'make an example'. This is reality and things like this happen all the time behind closed doors. " -- Marisol

All three readers have very distinct views, but what do you think? Would jail time help Amber restructure her priorities? Has Gary been a bad parent? Is domestic violence more common than we like to think? Let's keep the convo going, plus make sure to tune in for an all new episode of "16 and Pregnant" next Tuesday at 10/9c. Here's a sneak peek to get you stoked for it: