MTV Twitter Roundup: Along Came A Spider To Eat Angelina's Face

This was a hectic week for rapping songbird Angelina Pivarnick. Not only did she release her debut single, "I'm Hot," but she did so on the heels of a very freakish episode with an insect. Just days earlier, the superstar awoke to find that a spider sat down beside her and bit her right in the face! She had a seriously bad reaction to it and went to the hospital for treatment (poor little bug, he probably just wanted some of her curds and whey protein).

Elsewhere, Snooki's been busy gearing up for her condom-sponsored birthday celebration, happening this weekend. JWOWW was consumed with trying to buy her bestie the perfect present (hey, check out our list of gifts if you're stumped!) and Vinny's been asking the Twitterverse for dating advice.

Check out their tweets below:

Photos: Courtesy of @ANGELINAMTVjs