Pauly D Visits College Campus, Craziness Ensues

If we were pre-teens undergraduate college students living in Rhode Island, catching wind that the almost-"Sexiest Man Alive on Facebook" and hometown hero Pauly D was on campus would've sent us into a fanatical Elvis-like frenzy. And last night at the University of Rhode Island, that's precisely what happened.

Shortly before 10:00 pm, rumors spread like wildfire that the state's hottest DJ was lampin' on campus. According to EOnline, somewhere between 300 and 400 students heard the news and stormed a dorm room (and later, a parking lot) in hopes of spotting Pauly. (Don't believe us? Watch the video.) The best part is that no one at the University even knew the guy was coming!

"We had four officers who went down for crowd control and noise control and to help Pauly D and his friend out of the area," spokesperson Linda Acciardo told E!. "There were no arrests, no one was injured, there was no damage to anything. Everything turned out to be just fine." Still, the university has asked that the dee-jay give them a heads up if he decides to come back in the future.

So just what the heck was he doing there? The article says he was visiting a friend. As far as we're concerned, that guy or girl just became the coolest person in school.

Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images