Conan Launches Campaign To Cast His Staffer On 'Jersey Shore'

On last night's "Conan," the redheaded stepchild himself introduced a very special production assistant to the audience. His name is Chris Ultimo, and Coco is convinced the guy was "born to be on the 'Jersey Shore.'" In fact, he's so serious about getting Chris on the show that he's launched an online campaign to get fans to help out. Check out the instructions Conan and his crew posted on their Team Coco blog, and make sure to watch the segment that started all the madness.

1.) Click "Like" on the "Get Chris Ultimo on MTV's Jersey Shore" Facebook page.

2.) Tweet @MTV why you want to see Ultimo on Jersey Shore! Here are some possible reasons: He's "verified Baller status"; He's "got a case of the mad slickness"; He'll be your "Sherlock and take you Holmes with a dozen roses" (Also, because he's a romantic. Clearly.) Please use hashtag #ultimo4jerseyshore.

**When we alerted @MTV's Tweeter-in-Chief about the campaign, her entire day began to make sense: "OOOOHHHHH! That’s why I’m getting all of that stuff!"