Soundtrack Spotlight: Get Lost In The Lyrics Of Fielding

This week's episode of "16 and Pregnant" emphasized the huge role that honesty plays in a relationship. After Markai learned that her boyfriend had broken her trust, she began to question his every move. Watching her lose her sense of self is something many young women can relate to, which made the simultaneous sounds of Fielding really resonate.

If you don't already have this inspirational rock group in your iTunes lineup, then let's get you more acquainted with the melodic harmonies of the Southern California duo. Once a five-member team (original musicians Adam Ferry, Aaron Bradford and Kevin Poush went on to form the band Two Guns), the remaining artists, Beth and Eric Fielding Balmer, took a much-needed break from the music scene. It was during this hiatus that they wrote the lyrics for their sophomore album (musical director Kristopher Pooley and Ben West had a hand in producing it), aptly titled "The Voice of Us."

So what exactly is "Us" about? Well, their latest song, "Ladders to Stars," is an intimate and innocent tune that soothes the soul and reminds us that feeling uncertain (and even detached) is sometimes a part of life. Take a look at their music video to get the gist:

Photo: Sofia Maria Walters