Wardrobe Malfuction? The Sitch Swaps His Rosary Beads For A Suit And Tie!

As we commented on yesterday, Mike's usual artillery of neon-infused T-shirts hasn't been getting as much playing time as we're used to seeing. Last night, he took things a step further and left his go-to rosary beads on the bureau and went to GQ magazine's 15th annual "Men of the Year" party in L.A. Looking dapper in a pinstripe suit and polka dot silk tie, the "Jersey Shore" star proved that he's much more fashionably versatile than we once thought. (All he needs now is to lose the diamond-encrusted shoes.)

+ Does Mike look great in a suit, or does your allegiance lie in the battle for an SBTS takeover?

Photos: Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images

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