Julie's Blog: What's It Like To Play Mini Golf With An Evil Wizard?

Have you ever watched a movie with an evil villain in it and wondered if the actor's actually evil in real life?

On Monday, I went mini-golfing with Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies. Draco has been Harry’s archenemy ever since their first day at Hogwarts. With the next installment of the series, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," coming out this weekend, I wanted to ask Tom about his experiences on the set, what it’s like playing the same character for half of your life and if he's anything at all like Draco.

So why mini golf? Well, Tom happens to be a very good golfer--as he says, “It’s a way of relaxing.” Immediately I could tell he was not malicious like Malfoy. In fact, he was kind, sweet and very open to all of my questions. He even spilled the beans on his girlfriend of three years, Jade, telling me they actually met on set. Apparently, Tom would make tea for her during their flirting phase--hellooo romantic! He also mentioned that he is close with the rest of the cast and that he really enjoyed working with the older cast members, some of whom are acting legends.

Tom shared that he's ready to move on from playing the evil wizard and already has three other movies in the works. One is an independent film about--what else?–-golf! Even though he had a body double for the perfect hole-in-one shots, he said it really helped him know and love the game even more. No wonder he was so good on the course! I, on the other hand, did not do so well, yet Tom was very supportive, giving me pointers along the way. He even called my golf outfit “fetching”…how British of him!

One thing is definitely clear after meeting Tom--he could not be more different than his character Draco Malfoy (see what I mean in the video below). I’m just glad he played fair, because I foolishly forgot my magic wand.

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