'Cutthroat' Poll: Are Abram And Cara Maria Cute Or Creepy?

Cara Maria's a wild child. Aside from the fact that she has fire engine red streaks and mini skulls burrowed within her huge head of hair, there's the whole sorta-cannibalism thing that she and Abram have going on. We understand that people can't help who they fall for, but is that what's actually happening here, and if so, are you rooting for this barbaric twosome (let's not forget that he's not the only Challenger she's made out with)?

+ Think Abram and Cara Maria make a cute "Cutthroat" couple, or does their affection creep you out? Take the poll and weigh in!

Do Cara Maria and Abram make a cute couple?

  • No, they're so weird..
  • Yes, in their own way.