Hot Shots: Is 'The Situation' Toning Down His Style?

Neon yellow, bright purple and hot pink--these are the colors we saw Mike "The Situation" sport in Miami (SBTSs aside), so what's up with his recent wardrobe transformation? Dude's been wearing lots of dark colors lately (and barely any Ed Hardy!). Yesterday, the author went to L.A. to sign copies of his new paperback, "Here's the Situation," and didn't incorporate any eye-popping shades into his look. And earlier this month, he attended the 2010 Victoria's Secret fashion show wearing a black button-down shirt and charcoal gray vest! Is Mike just respecting the seasonal change, or is he trying to fit the persona of a deep and moody writer?

+ Do you miss seeing Mike don T-shirts covered in fire-breathing dragons, or are you feeling the more conservative look? Sound off in the comments.

Photos (clockwise): David Livingston/WireImage, Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images, Bobby Bank/WireImage