'16 And Pregnant' Poll: Will James Make A Good Dad?

Young parents Markai and James may have birthed a beautiful baby girl on tonight's episode of "16 and Pregnant," but their relationship wasn’t as pretty. James repeatedly disappointed the mother of his child, and when he dropped the infidelity bomb on her (well, actually someone else did the dirty work for him), Markai felt completely deceived (she just had a child with a guy who cheated on her two weeks into the relationship!). Yet, on the flip side, he was always there when she really needed him; James was the rock in her life that she couldn’t find elsewhere.

Check out this video clip from our "16 and Pregnant After Show," where Markai tells SuChin Pak that she's since forgiven her baby's father for cheating and realized that she was blaming the present-day James for his "old" mistakes. After, take the poll and let us know if you think James has what it takes to be a good dad.