Sponsored Post: See More Of Jenks' Week With A Funnyman

The life of an up-and-coming comedian is a hustle. Hustle, hustle, hustle. From one subway stop to the next. From one gig to the next. From one joke to the next. It's a nonstop, action-packed ride, taken all in the hopes of making someone, anyone, laugh...

Dan St. Germain took me on his personal journey as he prepared for the biggest gig of his career, a showcase at New York City's famed comedy club Comix. For one week we traversed Manhattan and all of the outer boroughs--taking buses, cabs, subways and doing lots of running. At his Brooklyn apartment, he showed me his hundreds of jokes written in journals, note pads, on napkins and anything else that was available at the time. His computer desktop was jam-packed with even more jokes.

Dan showed me his passion more than anything. He loves making people laugh--it may be his only true outlet in life. I am proud to have documented and been a part of the journey.

+ Check out more of my week with Dan in these deleted scenes from Monday night's episode, "Froot Loops For Dinner":

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