'Guido' And 'Guidette' Make The 'Top Words Of 2010' List

Brace yourselves, English teachers (and all you snotty British people, for that matter): "Guido" and its female derivative, "guidette," have made it to The Global Language Monitor's "Top Words of 2010" list.

Known by the mainstream as slang terms used by Snooki to describe her tribe's unique look and personality, guido and guidette came in fifth place behind "spillcam," "vuvuzela" (say wha?), "the narrative" and "refudiate," none of which we've uttered in our lifetime. But hey, the words are taken from all over the English-speaking world of an estimated 1.58 billion--apparently, just because we TALK REALLY LOUD doesn't mean our voice counts more. (If it did, No. 1 on the list would have been "heygirlhey," or "Pratt."