What Do Sarah Palin And The 'Jersey Shore' Cast Have In Common?

The ratings are in, and cable TV network TLC is poppin' bottles over their best launch in history: Just under 5 milli people tuned in to watch "Sarah Palin's Alaska" Sunday night. For a reality program that doesn't feature hair-yanking, revenge sex and an orange little spitfire named Snooki, that's pretty damn good. Still, we "Jersey Shore" fans here at Remote Control aren't exactly shakin' in our boots--in our humble opinion, the leopard-printed species that MTV's cameras explore is much more intriguing than those grizzly bears Palin stares down through her granny-chic spectacles.

We're happy for our friends over at TLC and would like to put out a totally pretend pitch for a crossover event. Just imagine the potential for a one-off special, such as...."A Jersey Shore Christmas in Sarah Palin's Alaska." We're envisioning thousands of single, unattached Alaskan beefcakes with mistletoe and gifts of mink halter tops for JWOWW, a Pouf-Off between Palin and Snooki, and maybe even a safe sex lecture from "The Sitch" to Levi Johnston. Who's with us?

Photo: Courtesy Of TLC

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