'The Buried Life' Poll: Were You Impressed With The Boys' Dance?

If someone assigned you the job of crashing a colossal parade, how would you go about it? Would you build and conquer, or run and hide? As "The Buried Life" boys set out to cross off Item No. 2 on tonight's episode, it seemed as if the roadblocks were imminent (Penelope the bus broke down and they had no idea how to actually merge their float into the parade). Still, the guys were determined to gain entry, even if they had to lie.

Check out the bonus clip below, where Duncan, Dave and Ben rehearse their dance routine, then let us know if you think they had skills.

What did you think of the boys' dance?

  • It was amazing! Who doesn't love a man in purple?
  • Eh, they're pretty awkward .

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