Is Angelina Pivarnick's New Song Poised To Top The Charts?

We're not ashamed to admit this: After leaking Angelina Pavarnick's new single "I'm Hot" on Friday, we played it for ourselves at least five more times. (Fine, more like 10.) Not because we found the Staten Island native to be lyrically gifted (how challenging is it to find words that rhyme with "hot"?), but because listening to it was like being first on the scene at a messy car wreck.

Still, whether or not people were feeling Angelina's track was irrelevant to its success because radio stations throughout the U.S. have been playing it...a lot! "It went completely viral and entered the TOP 10 in multiple states across the country in less than 24 hours and set a world record in the music industry," producer Andy Stein told the (Top 10 of what, we have no clue.) Its weekend buzz has even driven the, er, artist and her management team to officially release the song this Thursday!

If the former "Jersey Shore" cast member's new tune really does wind up topping the music charts, we can always--hear this, Angelina--opt to boycott "I'm Hot," or if not, plot to squat on her kilowatts. Booyah!

Photo: Emily Shur

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