Snooki Kicks Off 23rd Birthday At Disney! Next Up: Condom Party

Snooki definitely has a thing for taking her lovahs to amusements parks (remember when she rode the Ferris wheel in Seaside with ex-whatever-he-was Jeff Miranda?)! Over the weekend, she went with her family and new boyfriend Jionni LaValle to Walt Disney World, where they kick-started her 23rd birthday celebrations. The "Jersey Shore" star, who strutted around the theme park sporting high-heeled boots and goo-goo eyes, tweeted photos of her beloved gorilla the entire day.

Now back in New York, Snooki's planning another bash on Saturday, which according to the New York Post is being sponsored by condom brand LifeStyles. Hmm, b-days are to balloons as Mickey Mouse is soooo NOT to latex.

Photos: Larry Paci/Splash News