Exclusive Interview With Amber: 'I'm Only Dating One Guy'

In the latest issue of Life & Style, it's reported that Amber Portwood of "Teen Mom" is on a dating spree, getting cozy with three different guys who all happen to be friends with one another. There's been so much media speculation about her love life lately that we figured it was time to go straight to the source and ask for the truth about these rumored new beaus, as well as her relationship status with baby-dad Gary Shirley and custody issues with her daughter, Leah. Check out our interview with Amber here.

Life & Style reported that you’re dating three guys right now. Is that true?

No, I'm not dating any of them anymore. Sammy is the one I was actually talking to--he's a nice guy, but in the end, we stopped. Shane and I went out one night and had dinner together. It was pretty much just getting to know each other. At the end of the night, I gave him a hug good-bye, but I never even kissed him. Now we're just friends, or more like acquaintances. And I never made out with [Shane's housemate] Jesse at their party. I did dance with him, but it wasn't "dirty dancing." I just danced like a regular person in the club. I didn't make out with him or anything. I don't know where those [hooking up] rumors could come from. Maybe the people at the party were talking trash.

Why do you think there are so many untrue stories about you being spread?

I think people want to get paid for [selling] rumors. They want to make a name for themselves. I also think that people are just really jealous.

Do you think people have preconceived notions about you?

Oh yeah, everybody does because they watch the show. They think I must be a bitch to everybody, but I'm not. I'm a really nice person.

Are you dating anyone right now?

I am. I have one person who I like. We've been talking for about three weeks now but I've known him for nine years. He's a very sweet, amazing guy.

Is there still a shot at making things work with Gary?

No, he's too mean to me.

Are you guys still in couple’s therapy?


How is co-parenting going with Gary?

I'm trying to work out everything with him for Leah's sake.

Who is Leah living with now?

I have 100 percent custody of that baby. The only reason she's living with Gary right now is because I was having trouble with my neighbors yelling at me and starting stuff. It wasn't safe for her. I'm in the process of moving into a new house, and when I'm fully moved in, she'll live with me just like before.

What are you doing to cope with all the stress?

I'm going to therapy and seeing my psychiatrist. That's the only thing I can do right now. It's been really hard for me.

What about Krav Maga? That seemed to be a healthy outlet for you.

I haven't done it in a couple of months but I'd love to start doing it again. I need to get back into focus.

Is there anyone in your life who you can lean on?

I've just got my family by my side, but I don't like talking about it all the time with them because I don't want to stress them out.

What’s your biggest priority right now?

My main priority is to make sure that Leah's happy, and that we can be happy together. I want to get her back in my care.