Angelina Pivarnick And Her New BF Talk Smack About 'The Bitch-uation'

It's been weeks since "Jersey Shore" has been on the air, but Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and Angelina Pivarnick are still trying to one-up each other with the insults. Ever since he called the girl a "dirty hamster" in Miami, the nickname's stuck to her like a used sanitary napkin on the bathroom floor (yeah, we went there).

TMZ recently caught up with Angelina on the street corner, where she was acting big and bad in front of her new man, Justin Rego, offering up $100,000 to get Mike's "Popeye on crack" face botoxed (wait, why would it EVER cost that much?). The best "slam," however, came from Justin, who delivered a nickname of his own: "Bitch-uation." (Ooh, burn.) Check out the video here.

+ Which "Jersey Shore" cast member has the better disses: Angelina or Mike? Sound off in the comments!