'P' Is For Pale! Is 'The Situation' Taking The 'T' Out Of GTL?

Just a regular ole acronym at first, GTL has now become a popular reference to the "Jersey Shore" brotherhood's daily grooming routine. The G stands for Gym, the T stands for Tanning and the L stands for--you got it--Laundry.

GTL is a way of life for Pauly D, Mike "The Situation," Vinny and Ronnie, a personal commitment that falls short if not maintained on a consistent basis (think of it like church, or laser hair removal). So that's why it was a little shocking to hear that its co-founder has been slacking in the T department.

On a whirlwind press tour promoting his new book, "Here's the Situation," Mike stopped by the Usmagazine.com offices to chat with the editors about his fitness tips (and of course, his abs), and dude admitted to only frequenting the tanning salon two times a week max. "You wanna have a nice color," he told the website. "You don't want to be too tan, you don't want to be too bronzed out, you wanna have just enough color to look healthy." Hmm, what's all this about moderation? What would Snooki say?

This marks a sad moment for MVP (and R, too)--it appears as if one of their loyal members has gone rogue! Just check out the full interview to see how pale Mike's gotten, then watch this Jersey Shore Dailies clip below to see how a real man handles a fading tan.

Photo: Splash News