Soundtrack Spotlight: VV Brown's Ready For Total 'World' Domination!

Photo: Yutsai

Vanessa "VV" Brown isn't the first Brit to set her sights on the U.S. music charts, but this gal's got more than just a record deal and a dream. Already a sensation in the U.K. (she's the biggest thing in France since pommes frites), VV's taking her retro indie act stateside, touring with Maroon 5 and Pink, and working on her music 362 days outta the year--give or take an hour. And while it can be a lonely road to the top, the model-slash-singer-slash graphic artist is determined to show America what we've been missing. Yesterday, VV gave "World Of Jenks" fans a little taste of her talent, and we gotta tell ya: Girl's givin' Amy Winehouse a run for her money.

In fact, it may seem like VV's got it all figured out already. At 27 years old, the 5-foot-11-inch beauty (she just landed a Marks & Spencer campaign, FYI) writes all her own songs and plays more instruments than a high school marching band. Still, as we saw last night, having legions of fans at home doesn't always translate into crossover success (despite what Kylie Minogue, Lily Allen and Duffy might tell you). Which is why VV's thrown herself into overdrive, spending all her time practicing, promoting and perfecting her music, and leaving behind friends, family and local stardom--with no guarantee of a big return.

So does VV Brown have what it takes to lead the next British Invasion? We asked, you answered and nearly 70% of you predicted she'll be lighting up the U.S. charts in no time! Check out this rising star in action by watching her video, "Shark in the Water" (psst, you might've already heard it on "The City"!), plus keep your eyes peeled for her 2011 North American tour dates, hear what she really thought about Jenks and listen to her debut album, Travelling Like the Light, on!