Speidi Considers A Permanent Move To Costa Rica! Good Riddance?

In tough economic times like these, any type of job offer must be considered--even one requiring relocation--and according to TMZ.com, a betting website has asked Heidi and Spencer Pratt to set up shop in Central America and run their celebrity- and entertainment-focused sector.

In turn for becoming expats, Heidi and Spencer would earn $100,000. Not sure if that's 100 grand each or to split, but it sounds like the couple is considering the offer (it might be tempting in that they're broke and owe millions in back taxes)--but on one condition: "[Spencer's] looking into how he can legally own a firearm over there so that he can protect himself," TMZ's source revealed. Let us not forget that dude was busted at the Costa Rica airport earlier this year for felony possession of a firearm!

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Would you miss Speidi if they left the country?

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Photos:Miranda Penn Turin