Angelina Pivarnick Decides Not To Sabotage Her Singing Career

After reporting that Angelina Pivarnick's highly anticipated(?) rap medley, "I'm Hot," was temporarily shelved due to financial hang-ups, the fickle songstress wasted no time working things out with producer Andy Stein (supposedly he tried to lowball her, but his camp denied the accusations). For now, it sounds like the former "Jersey Shore" star's debut track is back on track.

According to (they got their hands on an exclusive statement regarding the matter), everything's all good in the recording studio. "Right now, things are moving forward nicely and we expect that the finishing touches should be finalized within the next few business days," the statement says.

The hoopla surrounding this release has really started to drum up interest on our end, but what about you? Are you anxious to hear Angelina rip the mic, or do you only have ears for Snooki?

Photo: Jeff Daly