MTV Rewind: 11/1/10-11/5/10: What You Missed On Air This Week

"World of Jenks"

Full Episode: Jenks moves in with a cheerleader and discovers she gave up a lot to follow her heart.

Bonus Clip: Andrew and Jessi make a horror film in between dance practice.

Sneak Peek: Who's next? Singer-songwriter VV Brown. Check it out:

"The Buried Life"

Full Episode: The guys land on a deserted island in the South Pacific and are left to fend for themselves.

Bonus Clip: A local rugby team teaches The Canadians all about sportsmanship and community.

Sneak Peek: Dave wants to pick a fight. Watch it:

"16 and Pregnant"

Full Episode: Felicia and her boyfriend are expecting their first child, but they're having trouble getting along.

Bonus Clip: Alex explains to Felicia's parents why they moved out.

After Show: The young mom isn't convinced that she and her baby's father will last.

Sneak Peek: Emily's dad fights for his daughter's future. Check it out:

"The Challenge: Cutthroat"

Full Episode: Ty's behavior gets out of hand, Katie loses in the Gulag, and Chet gets rushed to the hospital.

Sneak Peek: Camila has no idea how to play the game. She can't stop making enemies.

After Show: Paula's convinced that Ty faked his injury. Check it out:


Full Episode: Johnny introduces us to the brand-new show, then he blows up a bunch of stuff.

Bonus clips: The host finds his own quirky way to road test the vehicles.

Sneak Peek: JP's one bad-ass biker. Watch it:

"Bully Beatdown"

Full Episode: "Mayhem" jumps into the ring for the first time to teach someone a lesson.

Bonus clips: Ever wonder who the host's dream opponent is? Here's a hint: He was in the movie "Big."

Sneak Peek: Find out who's getting into the ring next. Check it out: