Don't Hold Your Breath For Angelina Pivarnick's Debut Single

Late last month, Angelina Pivarnick visited "The Wendy Williams Show" to talk about her future plans now that her time on "Jersey Shore" has come to an end. She told the host about her hopes for a singing career, which was no surprise since we'd been following her on Twitter and had an inkling that she was doing more in the music studio than doodling "I heart Pauly D" pictures. Unfortunately, according to a TMZ source, it turns out her first track, "I'm Hot" (which supposedly features Angie singing AND rapping), has been put on hold.

"The reality star is pissed at her producer Andy Stein--insisting that after she laid down the vocals, dude tried to screw her with a low-ball contract," the website reported. Stein denies her accusations.

We know it's hard to imagine anything coming out of Angelina's mouth besides expletives, but if you stare at the image above long enough, you can almost envision what she'd look like belting her heart out onstage. We're soooo praying this single eventually makes it to the radio!