5 Films A Cameo By Snooki Could Have Made Better

Snooki's happy lil' face has been popping up all over the boob tube lately, from pistachio commercials to cheeky episodes of "South Park," so where will you see her next? On the silver screen (Ya hear that, Vinny? Your former smush buddy beat you to it!). According to CelebBuzz, the "Jersey Shore" castie is currently in La La Land, where she's set to make a cameo appearance in a raunchy comedy called "Movie 43."

This got us thinking about Snooki's potential as an actress--there are a number of films that we would've loved to see her show up in. Check out our top five list below, and let us know if you think she could've nailed a small part in any of these fabulous flicks!

"Mean Girls"

How amazing would it have been if Snooks were there to rough up Lindsay Lohan and the rest of the Plastics? Plus, if she brought JWOWW into the mix, it would have been a serious throwdown. (The girl's a prized TNA fighter, after all.)

"The September Issue"

She already graced the pages of "Harper's Bazaar," so she might as well have headed over to the Conde Nast building to make a cameo with "Vogue's" leading Ice Queen, Anna Wintour. They do have the same taste in sunglasses!

"The Hangover"

No one know's how to puke and rally like a "Jersey Shore" castie, especially because with all that partying they do, we've rarely ever seen them get sick! She should've totally been in a scene with funnyman (and total stoner) Zach Galifianakis.

"Bring It On"

We've seen darling Snooks cartwheel all over the dance floor, so we know the girl's got cheerleading moves. She could've definitely gone toe-to-toe with Kirsten Dunst's crew. (Though we imagine there'd be friction between her and Eliza Dushku's badass character.)


It's pretty fun to picture ANYONE with a tail and blue face. Plus, who would've passed up an opportunity to see Snooki in 3-D? That's three times the fun!

+ Did we miss anything? Add your own movie suggestions to our list!