'Cutthroat' Poll: Has Ty Gone Completely Mad?

If you caught the Challenge Daily from earlier this week, then you already knew there was an incident involving Ty, a bottle of shaving cream and an innocent indoor plant, but tonight's episode of "Cutthroat" showcased even more weirdness. After Ty accepted a bet that involved some male-on-male action between him and Luke (WTF!), he got into a moderately serious fight with Emily and later, maybe faked an undiagnosable injury in the Gulag that sent him packing.

In this week's Cutthroat Confessional, Abram admits that he and Johnny instigated the fight between Ty and Emily--they even put the shaving cream in his hand! (Damn you, Bananas! You're behind everything!) Check out the video, then take the poll and let us know whether or not you think Ty totally went nuts.

Has Ty completely lost it?

  • Duh! How could you even ask?
  • No, everyone was egging him on.
  • Eh, he's outtie so who cares.