'Cutthroat' Poll: Has Camila Made Herself The House Outcast?

If you want to gain your teammates' trust on "The Challenge: Cutthroat," then it's probably a good idea not to become besties with character-killing competitors like Johnny Bananas. Somehow, Camila missed that part, cuz she's been hanging out with JB even though her entire team is against it. Paula even explained to her that her "friendship" with him was the precise reason she was voted into the Gulag, but she just didn't seem to get it.

+ Even though Camila defeated Katie in the Gulag and returned to her team, has she done enough to earn their trust, or is it too late? Take the poll and let us know if you think she's made herself the Red Team outcast.

Has Camila made herself the Red Team outcast?

  • Yes, she should NOT be hanging out with Johnny. It looks so bad!
  • No way. Her team sucks and they're trying to find a scapegoat.
  • Undecided