Snooki Plugs Pistachios, What Else Can The 'Jersey Shore' Crew Sell?

When we first learned that Snooki had joined Wonderful Pistachios in their quest to take over the snack world (see video below), we were surprised. We'd always pegged Snooks as the type of girl suited to slang pickles. But after a few minutes of deep contemplation, we realized that rooting for the culinary nut makes sense too--they're both small and full of flavor.

The adorable ad also got us thinking about the rest of the "Jersey Shore" cast and what other foods they could hock. Check out our list of items below and let us know if you agree!


What She'd Sell: Sour Patch Kids

Why: Cuz she can be pretty childish and has a sour attitude at times. Also, if you leave the candies unattended in, say, the bathroom corner, staleness occurs.


What He'd Sell: Cucumbers

Why: A little birdie told us that he's packing serious, um, vegetables. We can't imagine he'd have to say much to generate sales.


What He'd Sell: Hershey's Kisses

Why: He's the man candy of the hour. No one can resist his sexual chocolate!


What They'd Sell: Oil and Vinegar

Why: Do we really need to explain this one?


What He'd Sell: Arrabiata Tomato Sauce

Why: He's got a spicy personality that's rich in flavor. But be careful, you'll want to incorporate this into your dish slowly and sparingly.


What She'd Sell: Melons

Why: She sorta already sells these.