VIDEO: 'Bully Beatdown' Is Back, Promises To Be Bigger And Stronger!

"Bully Beatdown" is back, and your favorite bad-ass TV show host, Jason "Mayhem" Miller, is promising an ever tougher season than ever. This time, the rounds are longer, the headgear is smaller (you can do that?) and the game's gender-neutral (yup, that means chicks are gonna be slamming each other inside the ring!). Everyone likes to see a rowdy bully get put in his/her place, right?

Check out the trailer below, and make sure you tune in Nov. 4 at 11/10c for an all-new season. And to all you bullies out there, wrap yours hands and prepare to be roughhoused--no one's going easy on you.

Photo: Mitch Meyer/ MTV