Lauren Conrad And Whitney Port Style Their Hair Curly (And Still Get Guys!)

Uber-outspoken Patti Stanger of "Millionaire Matchmaker" fame is a notorious curly hair hater (actual quote: "If you want to keep it curly, go to Israel”), often ordering the girls who audition for a date with her wealthy club members to get a blow-out before the initial mixer. We're part of the curly-headed tribe, and have always taken Patti's criticism with a grain of salt, but the website says they've had enough of the frizz-bashing.

According to, the editors fired off an angry letter to Stanger, accusing her of "fueling insecurities and spreading a notion that you can only be attractive with smooth, straight hair." They even equate her prejudiced statements to asking women to change their skin color or eye color to attract a man. (Hey, it works for Snooki and JWOWW.)

We don't really have an opinion either way--the letter was obviously written to gain publicity (which, hey, nice work!)--but we thought we'd post these beauty shots of Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port (who both have loyal boyfriends) wearing their 'do's both straight and wavy, then put the question over to you: Which hairstyle do you like better on these ladies?


Photos (clockwise): Russ Einhorn/Splash News, Johns PkI/Splash News, Splash News, Andrew Rocke/Splash News