'16 and Pregnant' Poll: Is Felicia's Mom Too Pushy?

On tonight's episode of "16 and Pregnant," we met Felicia, a young teenager who felt the effects of her boyfriend and mother's constant feuding. Even though her mom let Alex move in so the expecting couple could be together throughout Felicia's pregnancy, his unwillingness to settle down and Reina's overbearing demeanor set the stage for a lot of stress. Still, once Felicia gave birth, she realized that despite her mom being so controlling, she was possibly the only one in her corner.

+ Is Felicia's mom really too pushy like Alex thinks, or does she have every right to nudge her daughter in a better direction? Take the poll!

Is Felicia's mom too pushy?

  • No, she just wants to see her daughter finish school and make better decisions.
  • Yes, she should back off and let Alex and Felicia try to fix their relationship.