It's Election Day! Vote Pauly D For 'Sexiest Man Alive On Facebook'

We can always count on "Jersey Shore" fans to help a brother/sistah out, so we're calling on all of youse this national Election Day to take a second of your time and fulfill your civic duty. Let's make Pauly D a documented icon of hotness!

People magazine has nominated Pauly for their 'Sexiest Man Alive on Facebook' contest, and duh, with 5 million FB fans (not to mention a Twitter following of 500k), he's clearly the most sensible choice. So say whatevs to that ancient Vin Diesel and football hero turned kissing bandit Chad Ochocinco, and vote for the sweetest womanizer to ever hit reality TV. Oh, and don't forget to stop by your local polling place to pick a senator and all that other good stuff.