Hot Shots: Are Vinny Guadagnino And Adrienne Bailon Dating?

Vinny may have played the role of suspender-sporting geek on Friday night, but two days prior, the "Jersey Shore" cast member was acting like a total stud. As singer/actress Adrienne Bailon celebrated her birthday at super swanky SL in New York City, Vinny was there to keep the party going. And judging by the photo below, it looks as if he was putting the moves on her--they're holding hands! Move over, Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal, there may just be a new celebrity "it couple" in the works, and they can both one-up you in the tanning department.

+ What do you think about this twosome? Would you like to see them start dating? Take the poll and let us know!

Do Vinny and Adrienne make a good couple?

  • Yes! They need to seriously date!
  • They look good together, but I want Vinny to stay single.

Photos: Jerritt Clark/WireImage