Angelina Pivarnick's Mom: Enough With The Name-Calling!

It's been a while since Angelina Pivarnick has gone off publicly about her "Jersey Shore" housemates--she even opted to skip last week's "Jersey Shore Reunion," explaining to her fans on Twitter that she "already told them all how [she] felt." But just because Angelina's quieting down about her hatred for Snooki, JWOWW and the rest of the gang doesn't mean her mom's following suit.

In the wake of Angelina's alleged attack at the mall by two teenage girls, and a wicked fight with VH1 star Kerry Schwartz, Ann Marie Pivarnick is speaking out: "Enough is enough," she told "Being called a lass and a hamster is absolutely horrible. They are calling her these names and it is wrong." Indeed, Mike "The Situation" did refer to Angelina during one episode as a "dirty hampster"--a term that fans of the show unfortunately picked up and still use to describe her on the message boards.

"She isn't perfect and she knows that now," Ann Marie continued. "But why ridicule my daughter when all of them do disgusting things on the show. I can't let her live like this...what is going to happen next?"

+ Where do you stand in this angry line of fire? Do you agree with Angelina's mom that everyone needs to give her a break, or do you think the former "Jersey Shore" cast member brought on all the trouble herself? Sound off in the comments!

Photo: Splash News