'The Buried Life' Poll: Could You Survive Being Stranded On A Desert Island?

I guess the bigger question is whether or not you'd actually volunteer for a five-day survival adventure like "The Buried Life" boys did on tonight's episode. After getting dumped at sea somewhere in the South Pacific, Dave, Duncan, Ben and Jonnie swam to shore and immediately went in search of food and water. With triple-digit heat depleting their energy and the threat of blood-hungry sharks lurking, Dave and Duncan set out on a man-made raft to find help while Ben and a dehydrated Jonnie stayed behind. Luckily, they were eventually rescued by a boat of fisherman and brought to safety.

+ If you had five days to escape a desert island, do you think you could pull it off? Take the poll and tell us!

Could you survive on a deserted island?

  • Heck no! I wouldn't last more than one day.
  • Yeah, I'm tough, I'd figure out a way off.