'World Of Jenks' Poll: Was It A Good Decision For Jessi To Leave L.A.?

Oftentimes people have to leave the comfort of their hometown for the big scary city in order to pursue their dreams (we did!), so it was challenging on tonight's episode of "World Of Jenks" to understand why Jessi left a very successful dance career in the entertainment capital of the world to become a Tennessee cheerleader. After spending some time with the Titan dancer, Andrew discovered that although she was a highly revered performer in Southern California, she wasn't happy with her lifestyle in Los Angeles. Moving to the South and being a part of a group she believed in was worth altering her ambitions.

+ Jessi was a talented, up and coming dancer in L.A. but gave it up to cheer in Tennessee. Do you think she made the right choice? Let's hear it!

Did Jessi make the right decision to leave Los Angeles?

  • Yes, she was partying hard and wasn't happy there.
  • Not sure, but she seems OK where she is.
  • No, she'll never have that kind of career in Tennessee.