No More Fame Seekers! Snooki's New Man Is A Total Step Up

As much as we love Snooki, we've never been on board with her taste in guys. First there was the self-confessed cheater, Emilio Masella, followed by Jeff Miranda, the wannabe famous person who proposed marriage on a magazine cover. But the good news is that our girl seems to have learned her lesson. The new object her affection, Jionni LaValle, does NOT aspire to be an actor, nor does he even want his picture taken!

In a recent interview with, Snooki said that LaValle wants nothing to do with celebrity life. In fact, after seeing a picture of himself in the media, Snooks said he freaked out. "He said, 'I don't want to be in that world,' because he's trying to be a teacher and, you know, he just wants me to be me."

Could this guy be The One? Eh, we're still pulling for Vinny, but it's great to see that Snooki is being pickier about the men she chooses to sleep with snuggle with.