MTV Rewind: 10/25/10-10/29/10: What You Missed On Air This Week

"World Of Jenks"

Full Episode: Jenks takes a trip to Cali to hang out with professional surfer, Anastasia Ashley.

Bonus Clip: The beach babe helps the documentarian slip into an uncomfortable wetsuit.

Sneak Peek: Andrew's ready for his first cheerleading audition, and there's lots of spandex involved. Check it out:

"The Buried Life"

Full Episode: The fearless foursome accepts a dare and successfully cuts a lock of Robert Pattinson's hair.

Bonus Clip: Lexie checks in and describes her experience meeting Ben. Watch it:

"16 and Pregnant"

Full Episode: Brooke and her husband, Cody, try to save money so they can move out on their own.

After Show: The young mom explains how scared she was to tell her parents she was pregnant.

Sneak Peek: Felicia and her boyfriend, Alex, discuss parenting roles. Check it out:

"Challenge: Cutthroat"

Full Episode: The Red Team is worried that Johnny Bananas is corrupting Camila, and Big Easy finally gets sent home.

Sneak Peek: Dan's struggling to stay sober in a house full of lushes. Check it out: