MTV Twitter Roundup: Angelina Explains Her Absence From The 'Jersey Shore' Reunion

Last night's "Jersey Shore Reunion" went fairly well, considering the last post-season get-together featured a dramatic onstage breakup between Ronnie and Sam. Perhaps part of the reason host Julissa Bermudez was able to keep decorum was because pot-stirring Angelina was absent. Fans wondered where she was, so she took to Twitter to clear the air.

Over on the other side of the country, Lo Bosworth expressed her disappointment when Audrina Patridge was eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars," Spencer Pratt voiced his support of 'Drina's lippy mom and Ellen DeGeneres--who's dressing as Snooki's pouf for Halloween--has been whipping her hair back and forth in preparation for next week's interview with Willow Smith. Busy week!

Check out their tweets below: