VIDEO: Our Vote For No. 1 Halloween Costume? Snooki's Pouf!

Leopard mini dress from Charlotte Russe? Check. Garden State-approved wig? You betcha! If your Halloween costume checklist is anything like that, then you're probably planning on going as Snooki. Guess who else is Shoring it up for the holiday? Ellen DeGeneres! She's going as the Princess of Poughkeepsie, but she's ONLY focused on the hair.

The host's Halloween show airs tomorrow, and if you catch the episode, prepare to see her dressed as Snooki's pouf (photo to the right). In between her ankles sits a Cabbage Patch Kid that's meant to represent the actual height:hair ratio of the "Jersey Shore" star. "That's Snooki down there," Ellen says, motioning at the doll. "I'm the pouf. She's the actual size."

Check out a clip from her monologue, then let us know if you love Ellen's creativity, or if her costume just makes you think of Cousin Itt from "The Addams Family." Or both.