'Jersey Shore' Poll: Are Sammi And Ronnie Better Off Apart?

We certainly aren't the only people who've wondered how Sammi reacted when she saw the first few episodes of "Jersey Shore." Throughout her time in Miami, the semi-bitchy 'Sweetheart' struggled with being in denial over Ronnie's lying and cheating, so seeing it all go down on screen must've been pretty excruciating for her. Surprisingly, it wasn't a dealbreaker. On tonight's "Jersey Shore Reunion," Sammi and Ronnie took the hot seat and told host Julissa Bermudez that they're still an item while just about everyone rolled their eyes in annoyance.

Hey, we're in no position to judge, but thankfully we can always count on her housemates to handle that for us! In this clip from the special, Vinny says he wants Sam and Ron to stop fighting cuz the whole point of being in a relationship is to enjoy each other's company. (What a riveting concept for this dueling duo!) Everyone else thinks they should finally just call it quits.

+ We've all watched this twosome quarrel like it's their job, but it seems as if they're doing better now. Should they stay together, or is it only a matter of time before shiz hits the fan again? Take the poll!

Are Sammi and Ronnie better off single?

  • Yes, they're a disaster together.
  • No, young love is tough, but they should stick it out.
  • Don't know but I'm sick of hearing about the note.