VIDEO: JWOWW Brags That Miami's Got Nothing On Season 3

In a few moments, the "Jersey Shore Reunion" will kick off and hopefully tie up some loose ends, like whether or not Pauly and Rocio are still knocking boots (and Vinny's big are we talking?). But just because their stint in Miami has come to a halt doesn't mean we have to hang up our Ed Hardy tees. Let's get pumped about the crew's return to Seaside Heights, which, according to JWOWW, is gonna be an even better show!

Check out the video below, where Jenni speaks with MTV's "The Seven" about Round 3, which premieres in January. Will it be the cast's final run? Nah, she seems to think there will be five seasons of "Jersey Shore." We're not sure whether or not that's wishful thinking or she slipped us some secret intel, but either way, it sounds good to us!