VIDEO: Snooki Says 'Jersey Shore' Is A Family Show

We can't speak for the MTV development gods, but we're kinda doubtful that their intention when piloting "Jersey Shore" was for it to appeal to the entire family. However, according to Snooki, that's exactly what happened. During a recent appearance at Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey, she told, "Our show is really based on family and togetherness."

We get where Snooki's coming from--the dinner scenes in Miami where everyone pitched in and the infamous T-Shirt Time between the bros were happy moments that even many functional homes in America don't get to experience--but there is one wrench in her reasoning: Family members (omitting those in the Appalachian region and V.C. Andrews novels) don't normally smush.

+ Do you consider "Jersey Shore" a family show, or would you find it uncomfortable to watch MVP creep on grenades while sitting next to your mom? Sound off in the comments, plus watch's video interview with Snooki, where screaming fans offer her a plate of pickles!