VIDEO: Pauly D And Vinny Put Mike On Blast For Being A Bad Wingman

The words "robbery" and "co**block" got thrown around a lot at the end of Season 2, mainly by Pauly D and Vinny in regards to The Situation's creepin' etiquette, but pretty much all of the talking was done behind Mike's back. Thankfully, the guys finally confronted one another on tonight's "Jersey Shore Reunion," and stuff got heated in a two-against-one sorta way.

Watching Mike deny ever ruining Pauly's game or trying to steal Ramona from Vinny was one of the most awkward moments between MVP that we've witnessed to date. With his back partly turned to Mike, Vin announced that "it might be MVP to [Pauly], but it's VP to me." Ouch. And there's much more where that came from. Check out this clip from the reunion special to hear the single bros(?) of the house argue over Mike's wingman deficiencies.