Julie's Blog: Playing Paintball Is 'Pretty Darn Hard'!

"Have you ever gone paintballing?"


"It totally sucks when you get hit. You have welts and bruises for days."

"Well, I just won't get hit then."

This was the conversation I had with my producer right before going paintballing with former pro-wrestler, governor and all around badass Jesse "The Body" Ventura. I had never been paintballing and thought it would be fun to get dirty, play in the trenches and roll around barricades taking aim at my opponents. I mean, how hard could it really be?

Actually, it’s pretty darn hard! My night started when I arrived at the location--it was an indoor paintball field and the whole place smelled like a freshly painted house…times 10! The fumes were enough to make your eyes water and your lungs disown you.

Meeting Jesse Ventura for the first time was really intimidating--he is a hulking mass of a guy, and he's intense, but he’s really funny once you start talking with him. A local lacrosse team from a nearby college came to play with Jesse and me. They had no fear; running, gunning, shooting and sniping. It was mayhem! Paintballs flyin’ everywhere! My original plan of "not getting hit" didn’t really work out that well. I got hit and it hurt…a lot! But the whole experience was so much fun. I channeled my inner Lara Croft and pretended I was in the latest Michael Bay disaster film. I actually got in a few good shots!

I love sports and action, but playing paintball was a whole new experience. And I have the welts and bruises to prove it!