VIDEO: Does Snooki Have A Good Singing Voice?

If you were to stop a stranger on the street and ask them to describe Snooki in a few words, they'd likely reference her height, mega-bronzed skin or even her obsession with pickles (and neon slippers). One thing they might not mention, however, is her incredibly powerful voice (and we're not just talking about the weird noises she and her friend, Ryder, made throughout the Miami house). Yes, the "Jersey Shore" castie isn't only taking the style world by storm, but inside a closet, she's plotting to take over the music charts next. Or, she should!

Check out the video Snooks posted on Facebook, where she belts a rather impressive rendition of "I Just Can't Wait To Be King." The message alongside the vid reads: "So I lost a bet with my girl, if she lost, she had to do her Little Mermaid dance video on this page...If I lost, I had to [do] my Lion King video." Check out the clip and let us know if you think she has the voice of a pop star!