VIDEO: Were Ayiiia And Katie's Gulag Efforts A Slap In The Face?

It was kinda hard to get into the Gulag spirit on tonight's episode of "Cutthroat" because Ayiiia and Katie basically giggled their way through the entire challenge. Halfway through, they even started encouraging each other's efforts (we're pretty sure we heard Katie say, "Ooh, that was a good one" after Ayiiia semi-smacked her). Let's be real, If they were serious about winning some cash, wouldn't they be a little more focused?

By the time Luke and Big Easy jumped in it was obvious they were slapping for blood, so did that make you think that Ayiiia and Katie just were screwing around earlier? Take the poll and let us know, then check out this week's "Cutthroat Confessional," where Paula and Sarah say that watching the girls swat each other was a waste of time.

Was the girls' Gulag a total joke?

  • Totally, they were laughing the entire time.
  • Heck no. You could tell they were both in pain.