'Cutthroat' Poll: Is Johnny Planning To Screw Over Camila?

Watching Johnny Bananas lay the groundwork for a possible "Challenge: Cutthroat" takeover is pretty impressive. Whether you like the guy or not, he knows the game of manipulation all too well, and it looks like he may have already found the next pawn in his evil plan. Camila's been crushing on him for a while, and she seems to think that she can trust Johnny, even though her entire team told her not to.

+ Is it only a matter of time before Johnny screws over Camila, or is he just looking for a cuddle buddy? Take the poll and let us know what your gut tells you.

Is Johnny just using Camila for inside information?

  • Of course he is! He's Johnny Bananas!
  • No, he might actually like her.
  • Undecided