VIDEO: Brooke Learned The Consequence Of Skipping The Pill

Many people follow teenage pregnancy rates in America and question whether or not sex education works. On tonight's episode of "16 and Pregnant," young mom Brooke revealed that her pregnancy was unexpected, but it wasn't because she was completely clueless about available prevention methods.

Check out the interview below, where Brooke says that she was actually on the pill when she got pregnant but an insurance snafu caused her to skip a few days (missing even one dose renders the pill less effective and requires that women find another method to use as a backup). The new mom says she's now using Mirena, an IUD that lasts between five and 12 years. Learn more about it in this "16 and Pregnant" Discussion Guide, plus after the jump find out how the first year of parenting is going for Brooke and Cody.